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Custom Printed Tire Covers

Custom Graphics Industries, Inc. is company that is in the business of manufacturing vinyl upholstery products. We cut, screen print and sew upholstery good into final products. Currently making automotive aftermarket tire covers and for the furniture trade bar stool covers to sell to wholesale and retail market places.

We are located at 12565 66th St. in Largo Florida 33773. This location is for manufacturing only and does not accept retail trade. Our tire covers and bar stool covers are available on line and through numerous suppliers. Our products carry multicolor prints of fun, sports and dealer logos.

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About Custom Grafix Industries, Inc.

The History of Custom Grafix and Our Tire Covers

Custom Grafix Tire CoversCustom Grafix Industries, Inc. has been serving the Automotive Industry since 1972.  We have built a reputation of QualityIntegrity, and Affordability - thereby offering Value that cannot be found anywhere else.  As a result, many of our customers have been with us through the years.  We specialize in making Tire Covers for all needs - both Retail and Wholesale.  Our factory is located in Largo, Florida, on Florida's beautiful West Coast.

All of our custom work is done in house.  Custom Grafix Brand Name tire covers are machine-printed with a 6-year outdoor ink on a heavy duty vinyl, then professionally finished with a strong shock chord elastic in the side band.

Stephen C Foster Sr., president of Custom Grafix Industries Inc., first established the business in Dallas, Texas in June of 1972 under the name of Funtime Accessories to serve the automotive trade and the Van and RV market.  The first product was tire covers.

In 1980 the name was changed to Custom Design Sewing and a number of products were being made for the same market.  In 1983 the company branched out to manufacture sails for the Ultra Light Plane market, and the name was changed to Aero-Dynamic Sails Inc.  In 1986 this market was discontinued, as the company concentrated on its core market, and the name was again changed to SCFCO, an acronym for Stephen C Foster Company.

In 1990 the name was changed to Custom Grafix.  In 1995 the company relocated to Florida. Finally in 2005 the company was re-incorporated, and the name was changed to Custom Grafix Industries, Inc., as it is known today.

Through out its history, Custom Grafix Industries, Inc. has kept its core business centered on the manufacturing of Tire Covers, and it is very proud of its product and history.

To order retail from us on-line, browse the Categories of products that we offer and choose a design that you like. 

To contact us about special orders, click here.  We often do customized work and one-of-a-kind jobs at competitive rates.