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Custom Graphics Industries, Inc. is company that is in the business of manufacturing vinyl upholstery products. We cut, screen print and sew upholstery good into final products. Currently making automotive aftermarket tire covers and for the furniture trade bar stool covers to sell to wholesale and retail market places.

We are located at 12565 66th St. in Largo Florida 33773. This location is for manufacturing only and does not accept retail trade. Our tire covers and bar stool covers are available on line and through numerous suppliers. Our products carry multicolor prints of fun, sports and dealer logos.

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Our Beach Series Spare Tire Covers

If you have always had a little Jimmy Buffett in you. It's that carnal desire to live by the surf, sipping rum drinks and walking around with sand between my toes. Beach life represents a state of mind, encouraging us to escape life’s demands and consume one’s being with a carefree mentality. Sand beneath our feet, big blue sky above our heads, No need to keep stressing from our everyday life on our minds lets think of our coastal seaboard. Here you will find covers expressing sunsets, sand, sea, palm trees, beach chairs.

These covers are available wholesale, custom printed for you or drop shipped.

Below are Samples of Tire Covers Available in This Series:

American Series Tire Covers - 5 0'clock Life Saver

5 0'clock Life Saver Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010686

American Series Tire Covers - Frog

Beach Frog Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010693

American Series Tire Covers - Black Jeep 5 O'Clock

Black Jeep 5 O'Clock Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010709

American Series Tire Covers - Changes in Latitude

Changes in Latitude Tire Cover


UPC: 918868010488

American Series Tire Covers - Five O' Clock Bird of Paradise

Five O' Clock Bird of Paradise Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010495

American Series Tire Covers - Fly By Night Tire Cover

Fly By Night Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010716

American Series Tire Covers - It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere Tire Cover

SKU: A-E42

UPC: 818868010068

American Series Tire Covers - It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Blue Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010723

American Series Tire Covers - Jeep on the Beach Red

Jeep on the Beach Red Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010730

American Series Tire Covers - Malibu Five O' Clock

Malibu Five O' Clock Spare

SKU: B-J11

UPC: 818868010747

American Series Tire Covers - Palm Beach

Palm Beach Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010754

American Series Tire Covers - Rope Jeep on the Beach

Rope Jeep on the Beach Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010761