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Custom Graphics Industries, Inc. is company that is in the business of manufacturing vinyl upholstery products. We cut, screen print and sew upholstery good into final products. Currently making automotive aftermarket tire covers and for the furniture trade bar stool covers to sell to wholesale and retail market places.

We are located at 12565 66th St. in Largo Florida 33773. This location is for manufacturing only and does not accept retail trade. Our tire covers and bar stool covers are available on line and through numerous suppliers. Our products carry multicolor prints of fun, sports and dealer logos.

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Our Military Series | Fremont Die Spare Tire Covers

We Proudly offer 5 Branches of Military Service by Fremont Die Consumer Products in any size tire cover from 19"-35" diameter for drop ship only.

These covers are available wholesale, custom printed for you or drop shipped.

Below are Samples of Tire Covers Available in This Series. Sold as Custom Grafix Tire Covers:

Military Series Tire Covers - U.S. Ranger

U.S. Ranger Tire Cover

SKU: A-E24

UPC: 818868011584

Military Series Tire Covers - Air Force

Air Force Tire Cover

SKU: A-D23

UPC: 818868011591

Military Series Tire Covers - Army

Army Tire Cover

SKU: B-E34

UPC: 818868010242

Military Series Tire Covers - Army with Camouflage

Army with Camouflage Tire Cover


UPC: 818868911577

Military Series Tire Covers - Army National Guard Black and White

Army National Guard Black & White Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011546

Military Series Tire Covers - Army National Guard Color

Army National Guard Color Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011560

Military Series Tire Covers - US Navy/Marine Corps

US Navy/Marine Corps Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011607

Military Series Tire Covers - Navy

Navy Spare Tire Cover

SKU: B-E33

UPC: 818868010389

Military Series Tire Covers - Semper Fi

Semper Fi Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011737

Military Series Tire Covers - Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Once a Marine, Always a Marine Tire Cover

SKU: A-E32

UPC: 818868011228

Military Series Tire Covers - Desert Camouflage

Desert Camouflage Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011553

Military Series Tire Covers - POW-MIA

POW-MIA Tire Cover

SKU: A-D33

UPC: 818868010235

Military Series Tire Covers - America Land of the Free

America Land of the Free Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011539

Military Series Tire Covers - There's Only One

There's Only One Tire Cover

SKU: B-B13

UPC: 818868010662