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Custom Printed Tire Covers

Custom Graphics Industries, Inc. is company that is in the business of manufacturing vinyl upholstery products. We cut, screen print and sew upholstery good into final products. Currently making automotive aftermarket tire covers and for the furniture trade bar stool covers to sell to wholesale and retail market places.

We are located at 12565 66th St. in Largo Florida 33773. This location is for manufacturing only and does not accept retail trade. Our tire covers and bar stool covers are available on line and through numerous suppliers. Our products carry multicolor prints of fun, sports and dealer logos.

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Custom Print Shop

Our print shop is a busy place. You can here the buzz of all the equipment and it is exciting. Looking at the first print offs to see if the quality is where we want it to be is the job of the head printer. He also has the responsibility of checking all of the equipment to make sure that is well maintained and runs safely. One of our favorite things is that we print something different every day. And we love the fact that we are making our customers happy and making them look good. We start our process in a dark room making film brought to us from our graphics department. Each film is applied to a special light-sensitive emulsion coated silk screen, and placed in a UV light exposure unit to properly developed, or burn. The UV lights harden any area of the screen that does not contain art allowing the image area to be washed out thus creating a crisp, clean stencil of your design.

Our Print Shop

Our Print Shop