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Custom Printed Tire Covers

Custom Graphics Industries, Inc. is company that is in the business of manufacturing vinyl upholstery products. We cut, screen print and sew upholstery good into final products. Currently making automotive aftermarket tire covers and for the furniture trade bar stool covers to sell to wholesale and retail market places.

We are located at 12565 66th St. in Largo Florida 33773. This location is for manufacturing only and does not accept retail trade. Our tire covers and bar stool covers are available on line and through numerous suppliers. Our products carry multicolor prints of fun, sports and dealer logos.

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Our Smiley Series Spare Tire Covers

The smiley face is a part of American culture, first seen in 1948. We have smiley in all types of graphics. Pick your favorite.

These covers are available wholesale, custom printed for you or drop shipped.

Below are Samples of Tire Covers Available in This Series. Sold as Custom Grafix Tire Covers:

Smiley Series Tire Covers - Happy Face

Happy Face Tire Cover

SKU: B-B44

UPC: 818868010300

Smiley Series Tire Covers - Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010300

Smiley Series Tire Covers - Just Jeeps

Just Jeeps Tire Cover


UPC: 818868010914

Smiley Series Tire Covers - Sun Lover Spare

Sun Lover Spare Tire Cover

SKU: A-B53

UPC: 818868010181

Smiley Series Tire Covers - US Smiling Jeep

US Smiling Jeep Tire Cover


UPC: 818868011201

Smiley Series Tire Covers - The Wild Smiley Spare

The Wild Smiley Spare Tire Cover

SKU: B-B52

UPC: 818868011331

Smiley Series Tire Covers - Winking Smiley Face

Winking Smiley Face Tire Cover

SKU: A-B51

UPC: 818868010196