History of Custom Grafix Industries

Custom Grafix Industries In June 1973, my late wife Marlene and I started a business in Dallas, Texas: we customized vans in our driveway. Our first custom van was a beauty. But it was nearly impossible to find a tire cover to match our design.

Where Were the Tire Covers?

Hello, the light went off. Customized vans need a custom tire cover for the spare tire on the rear of the van.

We decided to create, manufacture, and distribute products for Jeep, Bronco, Jeep, and custom vans. Our first products were plain tire covers and window curtains.

Manufacturing Tire Covers for Car Dealers

We started distributing our tire covers to new car dealers across Texas during the 1980s.

Custom van makers encouraged us to manufacture curtains and van seats for their products.

Look up! It’s a custom tire cover!

We started thinking about the skies after adding dragster parachutes to our product line. Our products reached the skies when we designed and manufactured custom wing covers, seat covers, and seat belts for ultra-light airplanes.

Custom Tire Covers in Florida

Our company moved to Clearwater, Florida, during the 1990s and concentrated on the tire cover business.

We started selling tire covers online in 1997. Our first Website store at Tire-Covers.com opened in 2000.

In 2005 Custom Grafix was incorporated. We changed our company name to Custom Grafix Industries, Inc. and opened a factory in Largo, Florida.

We Love Tire Covers

Custom Grafix Industries was the first tire cover company to offer Design your own tire covers and digital printing.

We were contracted by a licensed Distributor to create custom tire covers for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and 52 colleges.

Our goal and mission are to create and manufacture unique tire covers and sell them at a fair price.

We always try to offer the best products and services in the tire cover industry.

Custom Grafix Industries in 2023

Our current position in the market is Running Retail websites, including:

We are still actively shipping Dealer Tire Covers to all of the RV and Trailer Markets. We have an Amazon Store and Drop-Ship Tire Covers for five online tire cover dealers.

Thank you for visiting our Website. — Stephen C. Foster, Founder and CEO